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Karnataka Assembly

Data on the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka.

Lok Sabha

A statistical profile of Lok Sabha - overall performance, states' representation and MPs' education, financial, and criminal profile.

Gujarat Assembly

Data on the Legislative Assembly of Gujarat, also known as the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha.

Uttar Pradesh Assembly

Data on the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh, also known as the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha.

Odisha Assembly

Data on the Legislative Assembly of Odisha, also known as the Odisha Vidhan Sabha.

RIP Congress. Democracy in India urgently needs a new anchor.

RIP Congress. Democracy in India urgently needs a new anchor.

06 May '22

The government that we elect has the authority to shape national policies as it has the largest number of MPs who vote in its favour. Many times it happens that the policies and actions can be considered biased or favor a specific ideological objective. India is a parliamentary democracy where we have the Opposition, which is basically the party that has the next largest number of MPs in Parliament, that provides the check and balance to the government. It does this by presenting alternative viewpoints and engaging the government in a debate. Unfortunately, the Lok Sabha, or the Lower House of Parliament, has been without a Leader of the Opposition for the last 8 years! There is no doubt that the BJP is now a dominant force in Indian politics as it commands 37% of the overall national vote share. Despite its many electoral failings, the Indian National Congress (INC) remains the biggest pan-national political party in India holding almost 20% of the pan-India vote share. So, for better or for worse, Congress is the ONLY party as of now that can really be a serious contender for the Opposition seat. But it has failed repeatedly, not just in the general elections but also in the state elections. With chances of the Congress’ resurrection now next to none, it is imperative that India has a credible alternative that can truly contend with the BJP election juggernaut and if not defeat them, become a national opposition and make India’s parliament once more resemble a functioning democracy. Contents: 00:52 - Who is the Opposition in Indian politics? What is their role? 01:59 - Impact of having no Opposition in the Parliament 04:28 - Reasons for Congress party's poor performance in Indian politics 10:14 - Alternatives to Congress party in India 11:20 - Final Take

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