It's fun to be at The Mirrority

...especially if you have grit flakes for breakfast, are woke for most part of the day, use your blinkers as toys, take your work seriously and yourself very lightly, find humor in political speeches, know that there isn't always freedom after exercising freedom of speech, use powerpoint only when there's no point left to make, use your moral compass than GPS for directions, don't look for boxes to think in/out of, push open doors with more charm than grease, and on your way back home after a long day - feel even more hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Our mission is huge and we're just getting started. We are always on the lookout for energetic individuals who identify with our idea of fun. So please take a minute and help us get to know you a bit. We will get in touch if your profile ticks the right boxes (sic)!



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