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Sanitation & Cleanliness

Data on Sanitation & Cleanliness in India - values for population access to basic sanitation services, cleanest cities as per Swachh Bharat Survekshan survey, including expert analysis and comparison with global peers.

SDG India Index

An index published by the Niti Aayog that examines specific indicators aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Food Security Index

An index published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) that examines food security comprehensively across 113 countries.

Freedom in the World

An annual global report on political rights and civil liberties, published by Freedom House - an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.

Liberal Democracy Index

This page contains data on V-Dem's Liberal Democracy Index for India - overall score, ranking and values for performance indicators, including expert analysis and comparison with global peers.

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