Should celebrities endorse colas and gambling apps?

Community | 20 Apr '22

There are two things that are ubiquitous in every Indian – Cinema and Cricket. Such is the craze that movie stars and cricketers are idolized in temples built in their names, fans wait for hours around their houses just to catch a fleeting glimpse of their idols. These celebrities have achieved cult status and are now famously called ‘influencers’. This status allows them to earn crores from advertisers who use these influencers to market their products to millions of followers. They have now truly become a primary role model for our youth and have achieved such power in our society that is unparalleled for any other professional or social achiever.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. But the celebrities have used this power to market sugar-filled drinks, fried foods, flavoured pan masalas, and gambling apps to us.

Should they continue endorsing these products? What is the societal impact of their endorsements? Are they the correct role model for our children? Let's find out ...


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